Monday, July 03, 2006

Living in the tension...

Well that wasn't a very good start to my new blog. It's been like 2 weeks since I last posted! I could blame it on everyone else that makes demands on my time, but whom I kidding?

In those 2 silent weeks we've had two great weekends down in sunny Cornwall, just outside St Mawes. The tribe that is my immediate family makes their annual migration there for the summer - and come to think of it, has done since before I was born!
Yesterday morning 8 adults and 5 under five's (plus our bump, 'Bubki') descended onto St Antony's beach - spades, buckets, flip-flops, suncream and of course the mandatory pasties. I don't think the rest of the beach knew what hit them!
Anyway we had special time with them. I love being with my family. It's funny but the older I get and the less I see them, the closer we become. I think when you have that sort of bond, time apart doesn't seem to matter so much. Huh. I guess I'm counting on that.

I'll explain. Bon and I are in the throes of up and emmigrating to Australia. We begun the process over a year ago, and slowly, bit by bit, we've got to the point know where we're waiting for the visas to be granted. We can't wait to go, but at the same time it'll be sore to leave my homeland.
I think the one thing that gives me peace through all of this change is the knowledge that no matter how far I go, God is always there first. I think for some people that's a scary thought (it was for Jonah!). But God has been my home for the last 25 years - why should he stop now? Don't get me wrong - I'm plagued by the fear that I won't be able to hold onto him in the future, you know - that I'll let things slip. But then I remember I don't hold his hand.

He holds mine.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Following in the Father's foosteps

Just watched a documentry this evening on the Inuits and their life in the Arctic. Really thrown by their rhythm of life. They spend three months of the year darkness, unable to hunt, or fish, or build. Just sitting, sowing, talking, and scultping (or some outher creative arts). I was really thrown how this time of reflection seems to be instilled in their way of life. I mean, it's forced in by the weather and light etc, but still it's understood that it's a time of digging deep and sitting out the winter. But I realised that it's also a time for reflection - something that I take so little time to do in my week. I suppose this is why I started this blog.

There was another powerful image from this programme (thanks to the BBC!). They filmed a man taking his boy across the melting edges of the frozen sea, showing him how a skilled hunter negotitates the dangerous ebbs and flows of the sea, and the melting ice all around. It was clearly a very dangerous place to be. Yet this man said it was worth the risk just to be in that place. He made sure that his Son walked closely in his footsteps all the way, and this was how he stayed safe. It just gave me a wonderful picture of how my Father in heaven calls me to walk in his footsteps. It's the only way to live...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Here we go!

Hello World!
So I've started the blog - having felt inspired by some of the blogs I've read especially Joel's, which I'll link to fairly shortly. It's a beautiful June's day here in Plymouth and life is good!